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ISN | International Soccer Network

International Soccer Network, LLC is a news agency based in Northeastern Ohio that provides coverage of international soccer via an online format. Professional photographers, writers, and interns provide our readers with an eclectic mix from the soccer world with a specific focus on the game here in the Midwest.

Our vision is to promote “the beautiful game” in the United States and Canada, sharing our passion and expertise for the sport. Our staff includes:

Gary Moody, Founder and Editor-@ISNOnline

Graham Ward, Correspondent

Robert Ivory, Correspondent-@Yank2784

Daniel Cermak, Correspondent-@Sircermak

Graysen Choy, Correspondent-@Graysenchoy

Brent Durken, Photographer-@6thcity

Ken Tishenkel, Photographer-@krt777

Richard Kruszynski, Photographer-@RicKruszynski

Kevin Cross, Photographer-@coachkcross

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