Alive & Kicking by Keith Binns

By November 25, 2008Product News and Reviews

Keith Binns tells a lively story about the history of American soccer. However, it is not one full of dates and statisitics. It is the story of a personal journey that is spread over decades, a journey of a soccer pioneer. This journey would take him around the world, leaving his love for the game at every stop.

It all started when a newcomer from England decided to transplant “the beautiful game” in America. In 1955, the owner of a community sporting goods store didn’t even know what a soccer ball looked like. Today, that same sporting goods store would likely be supported by the many soccer fans and players in the city.

Promoting soccer would become Keith’s life as he promoted the game to men, women, and youth alike. Many feel that “The Father of Madison Soccer” was years ahead of his time. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case.

Binns shared his life experiences in a relaxed. conversational style that was incredibly effective. It was almost like hearing your best friend tell a treasured story.

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