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By November 25, 2008Product News and Reviews


Cover Art Courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing

Cover Art Courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing

Some things about Diego Maradona are undeniable. He is arguably the world’s greatest footballer. He is also the most controversial and the most misunderstood. Maradona is best described as an enigma.

The book was simply amazing. It is hard to imagine a better story about Maradona because it comes right from the source. It captures the true emotions of the man, one who loves both his family and the beautiful game. He is upfront and honest about every event in his life. Controversial topics, such as “the hand of God” and rumors of drug abuse are handled with grace and professionalism.

I have to say that the book gives you a new perspective about the man, the myth, the legend called Diego Maradona. Argentina’s national team has had quite a wild ride recently with Maradona at the helm, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. The happy ending might just be “The Great One” winning it all in South Africa. Imagine Messi and Maradona side by side, hoisting the World Cup above their heads. This is going to be a hot title with the World Cup mere months away.

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