DDL Standouts Headed to Massillon’s Shale Soccer Classic

Two standout Dayton Dutch Lions FC youth players are looking forward to great opportunities and the Shale Soccer Classic, and they feel right at home along the way.

Photo Credit: Dayton Dutch Lions FC

Photo Credit: Dayton Dutch Lions FC

Nolan Dashewich and Alex Reid are two Dutch Lion players, who will be participating from July 24 to 25 when the showcase tournament comes to Massillon, Ohio and Perry High School.

The Dutch Lions, since the creation in 2009, has been the club of both Dashewich and Reid. Coming from other clubs, they noticed a difference right away.

“I had just left a team who kept me down and I nearly quit soccer altogether,” Dashewich recalls. “My first coach at the Dutch Lions taught me about the importance of confidence on and off the field. He helped me to see again the true beauty of the beautiful game.”

“(The club) has really provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn from people with a lot of experience,” Reid said. “The coaches bring a different level of knowledge than most other coaches I’ve had.”

At the showcase, Dashewich will be playing for Subside Sports FC and Reid will be playing for Via Media FC. The tournament will be a great opportunity to be seen by the next level. The boys showcase will take place on July 25 along with a professional exhibition and a girls showcase match. Training for all groups will take place on July 24.

“I’ve gotten to train with the professional team, which is cool,” Reid said. “It shows the level that I need to reach.”

Photo Credit: Dayton Dutch Lions FC

Photo Credit: Dayton Dutch Lions FC

Reid has set his goal, however, Dashewich had more of an open mind moving forward, but the Dutch Lions is still the place for him.

“If I’m being honest, I’m not sure what my goals are for soccer in the future,” he said. “I want to focus on my education in college and am weighing my options as to what is possible for me to accomplish. I know, however, that the Dutch Lions community is a great support system and will help me to accomplish whatsoever I choose to pursue.”

Other than the culture of the club, some clear memories have stood out for Reid as well through the years.

“I’ve gotten to meet lots of cool people like Ruud Gullit and Bryan Roy from the Dutch National Team and several people who have been at big clubs in Europe.” Reid said.

However, one main theme stuck out when talking to both Dashewich and Reid. The Dayton Dutch Lions have prepared them for the future, whatever they choose to do, and have taught them the importance of working with others, which is a valuable life skill with whatever you do.

“The tight-knit nature of the club helps us to blend as a single machine on the field.” Dashewich said.