Indoors or Outdoors, Camarena Leads Mustangs to Greatness

By July 1, 2016MASL, PASL

Alexis Camarena is a 23-year-old forward for the Chicago Mustangs.

The Mustangs have an indoor team that is part of the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) and an outdoor team that is in the midst of their first season in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

Camarena has been with the Mustangs since 2012, and during his time there has been able to claim two indoor titles with his team including the Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL) Championship and the US Open Cup Championship, both in 2013.

Camarena is from Morelia, Michoacan in Mexico and is a well-rounded individual with a great amount of drive and motivation. He began playing football at the young age of ten on a local team with friends when he set his sights on larger goals.

“What got me where I’m at right now is dedication, passion, hard work, and commitment,” says Camarena.

Growing up Camarena got his inspiration from a Honduran player that played for Vida. He says that Bryan Moya’s hard work and dedication really inspired him to try to play like him. Starting from nothing, Moya was forced to put his heart and soul into his training, his playing, and his efforts to accomplish his goals.

Like Moya, Camarena recognizes the importance of setting goals that force you to push yourself beyond limitations and stopping at nothing to achieve them.

Camarena, always looking to progress, has both short and long-term goals that he has set for himself and is trying to achieve. For his upcoming 2016-2017 season, he merely wants to surpass all that he did last season. He says that his biggest accomplishments are the instances that he finds himself breaking barriers, and going above and beyond what he had previously accomplished. This mindset it what has gotten Camarena so far and has motivated him to continue to always push himself both on and off of the field.  Playing outdoors in the NPSL is yet another challenge.

Off of the field, Alexis Camarena likes to give back, being a trainer and helping kids. To him it is extremely gratifying being able to help young kids reach their goals and to give them a positive role model to look up to.

Long-term, Camarena would like to play for a division one team, regardless of who it is. Over the years, Moya has grown from a former Vida player to a division one player in his country, leading us to believe that Camarena is more than capable of doing the same. With his great attitude and non-stop goal setting, Camarena’s go-getter nature is bound to bring him great places.

When asked for advice Camarena says that you should never underestimate a player or a team.  In other words, you should not ever be comfortable. He has displayed the importance of having a sense of urgency, and having a naturally competitive mindset in a career that is so dependent on maintaining a strong and healthy mentality.

So how does Camarena get his head in the game? He admits that his pre-game rituals include having his music loud, dancing while changing, and having a fruit snack. It seems to be working, as he continues to become a player to watch for with the Chicago Mustangs, whether is indoors or out.