When Dragons Dare to Dream (Review)

Y Lolfa is the world’s expert when it comes to publishing Welsh football titles.  They put out incredible books time and time again.  We loved Phil Stead’s Red Dragons: The Story of Welsh Football and didn’t think it could get any better.

Along came two titles from Jamie Thomas, The Dragon Roars Again and When Dragons Dare to Dream. Both were widely acclaimed from critics, players, managers, and readers alike.

Cover Art Courtesy of Y Lolfa

Cover Art Courtesy of Y Lolfa

What’s most impressive is that Thomas is just 23 years old and he is already a seasoned journalist.  It’s quite remarkable really.  His youth and his passion for the Welsh game came through loud and clear in both titles, but I have to say that his second title was a notch or two better.  Thomas seemed to be riding high off of the massive success for Wales at Euro 2016.  The team literally made headlines with their performances and gained much respect for the work of the national team program and the entire FAW.  Here in the States, we heard  lot about the exploits of Iceland, but the real heroes of the Euros were Wales.

Thomas’ latest offering details the incredible “Summer of the Dragon,” detailing the key events before, during, and after the Euros.  He speaks with great insight into every moment, providing glimpses into the “hows” and “whys” behind Wales’ breakout accomplishments.  He speaks to those in the know, asking the right questions to give his readers the proper behind-the-scenes perspective.  You’ll find quotes, interviews, and stories from players, coaches, administrators, and even journalists in this one, including a mention from our friend Mark Pitman.  You’ll even get two forewords from Joe Ledley and Chris Gunter, two standout members of a golden generation of Welsh football.

When Dragons Dare to Dream is brilliant in every regardan incredible read for any football fan.  The Euros were a great event and Wales had to be the best feel good story of the entire summer.  Reading this is a great learning experience and we came away with a strong understanding of how Wales stole the show at Euro 2016, their first major international tournament in nearly 60 years.

The timing is just right to buy this one, either for yourself or as an amazing Christmas gift.  It will give you the opportunity to relive a great summer for the beautiful game, but most importantly, some of the greatest football ever played by Wales.