The Conquests of 1966 by Alf and Gary (Review)

By December 10, 2016Product News and Reviews
Cover Art Courtesy of Fonthill Media

Cover Art Courtesy of Fonthill Media

Brian Scovell is quite the accomplished writer, having spent several decades in the newspaper business and writing a whopping 27 books.  His reporting on football and cricket was quite legendary and his latest book, The Conquests of 1966 by Alf and Gary: England’s Sport Finally Triumphs, certainly reflects a career of greatness.

This lovely read is about the year 1966, what happens to be the biggest twelve months in English sporting history. While many have written about England’s World Cup victory, no one has written a book that also incorporates the victorious spirit that surrounded the England vs. West Indies series.

The book is all about heroes of sport, whether it be Alf Ramsey, Eusebio, Colin Cowdrey, or Gary Sobers.  Scovell talked to them all and provides his readers with an intense “behind the scenes” perspective

It’s about a time long ago, a reminiscent piece that gets it right.  It provides great writing from someone that has seen a great deal, the perfect expert to lead this trip down memory lane.

The concept of the entire book is quite extraordinary, bring the triumphs of two sports together in one brilliant text.  We have to say we are quite the novices when it comes to cricket, but Scovell makes it very approachable and enjoyable at the same time.   We certainly give our highest recommendation to this new offering from Fonthill Media.