The Football Ramble (Review)

By December 26, 2016Product News and Reviews
Cover Art Courtesy of Century

Cover Art Courtesy of Century

We were first exposed to The Football Ramble on SiriusXM, not realizing the full reach of this wildly entertaining quartet.  Their podcast, one with over 12 million downloads a year, is easily one of the most popular when you are talking football.  Now they have a book, a very enjoyable one at that, that is available to a global audience.

The conversational style found in the book is very similar to the laid-back vibe experienced when listening to the radio show or podcast.  Each of the four hosts (Marcus Speller, Luke Aaron Moore, Pete Donaldson, and Jim Campbell) feature in the book, tackling a wide array of topics, from stadiums to grassroots football and everything in between.

Each of the ten chapters are a pure delight and reflect the individual’s ideas, sense of humor, and overall style. They are certainly experts in the field of football, but they present everything in a unique way.  They are not Sky Sports, ESPN, Fox, or even beIN SPORTS.  They are the Football Ramble, something different and arguably something better.  Their book is just that, unlike anything we have read all year long.

Every moment is  combination of humor, information, and provocation.  Simply put, it is very enjoyable stuff, a text that would be thoroughly treasured by an football fan. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one for Christmas, head online, buy it, and have this one read by the New Year.  You won’t regret it.