Motorsport Manager (Review)

By January 9, 2017Product News and Reviews

When you think video games, Sega has to come to mind.  Memories of playing in arcades as a youth or enjoying classic games are the first to show.  Simply put, Sega is an iconic brand.  The great news is that they continue to make great games, even for adults.  Under Sega’s expert tutelage, the Football Manager series has become a cult classic among footie fans and Motorsport Manager is likely to do the same for those that love racing.

Screenshots Courtesy of Sega

Screenshots Courtesy of Sega

Picture this.  You are the manager of your own motorsport team. You make all the decisions and get to see the results.  It’s a powerful experience.

Playsport Games, the development studio behind the game, released a mobile version a few years ago that performed quite well, resulting in approximately two million downloads.  It’s clear from those numbers that the interest is there.

Sega has since bought the studio and made a PC version, which has brought more depth and incredible graphics  to the game.  It has the feel of Football Manager in terms of menus and navigation and like FM, it has loads of options.  We’re talking unlimited hours of gameplay.

The game has a bit of everything for racing fans.  You can focus on making the perfect car or turn your attention to managing people that are a part of your race team.  This was our first experience with this game, yet it was very easy to just jump in and start playing.  The flow of the game was very smooth and the learning curve was very reasonable. We found the game to be very immersive and within minutes we were enjoying lots of action, action of the motorsport variety.  For those that would rather not learn on the fly, there is a massive tutorial that could almost serve as a standalone game.

Screenshots Courtesy of Sega

Screenshots Courtesy of Sega

There are lots of choices to be made and you get to make them.  Will you choose a more experienced driver or give the rookie a shot? Will you build a car for speed or reliability? Will you risk it all to win it all? Or will you build a team that will simply make a profit? Those questions are just the tip of the iceberg; some many more come in mind once you hit the track.

The game features three tiers of championships, which gives managers plenty of pathways.  We have always liked moving through the ranks so starting off in the European Racing Series made the most sense for us.  It provided a solid challenge and a chance to learn the game.  You also have the option to forgo a career in favor of committing to a single race.   Like we said there are plenty of options, enough to dominate all of your free time (or what used to be your free).

You’ll find enough in this game to know that this is a series on the move, one that will likely create a legacy and many editions for years to come.