Billy Bremner: Fifty Defining Fixtures (Review)

All of us here at ISN have become quiet fond of Amberley Publishing ‘s  Fifty Defining Fixtures titles.  It’s a great concept, one that brings about loads of discussion and commentary. Boiling down an entire career to 50 events is not easy so it’s quite evident that the right authors were chosen for the task.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

Their latest, Billy Bremner: Fifty Defining Fixtures by Dave Tomlinson, is an incredibly enjoyable read.  It is a trip down memory lane for Leeds United and Scotland supporters and a journey back to a golden era of football.  Bremner is an absolute legend thanks to 587 appearances for Leeds and another 50 caps for Scotland.

The book covers an amazing range of matches from 1960-1975.

As the reader, you have the special experience of seeing Bremner grow from a talented youngster to a grizzled veteran and one of Britain’s all-time greats.  You will see Leeds take on the biggest names in England and Europe.  You’ll also get to relive some great international matches from Scotland’s perspective.

Each “defining fixture” is just a few pages, giving you the perfect length for such a recollection.  The book is not overwhelming at 160+ pages and the vintage pictures also bring back some great memories.

Any fan of Leeds United, Scotland, or just great football will see this as an absolute must-have.  It’s an amazing text from Amberley, who has quietly become one of the best in the publishing business.

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