The Football and Rugby Playing Fields of Wales (Review)

By September 20, 2017Product News and Reviews

Cover Art Courtesy of Y Lolfa

Richard E Huws put a decade of research into Y Lolfa’s latest offering, The Football and Rugby Playing Fields of Wales, and to be honest it was well worth the effort.

Huws put together a delightful book, and as the title suggests it is about the football and rugby playing fields in Wales.  While you might expect to learn about the big clubs in Swansea and Cardiff, Huws gives us all the clubs regardless of size.  It’s quite an undertaking to say the least when you consider 600 towns and villages were researched and discussed.

It’s no wonder that the book is truly an encyclopedia of knowledge in a bite-sized book of 300+ pages.   You’ll get a history lesson on the clubs, fields, and leagues in Wales along with some brilliant photography.  It is a tremendous reference with regards to Welsh sport, but it’s also an enjoyable read in itself.  We all thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing this book mainly because  there is no other book like it; it’s a truly special piece.

Y Lolfa continues to be the world’s leading publisher on Welsh sport, leading the way with world-class football and rugby titles.  The Football and Rugby Playing Fields of Wales is another worthy title that would be enjoyed by any fan of Welsh sport or history.  It’s brilliant in every regard.

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