Norwich City: The Nineties (Review)

By October 15, 2017Product News and Reviews

I write this review from the ISN offices with a framed (yes, it’s game-worn and signed) Darren Huckerby jersey just above my desk.  It’s always been a favorite of mine and I know the jersey came from a happy time at Norwich City.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

A positive vibe also flows through Norwich City: The Nineties by Edward Couzens-Lake, a recent offering from Amberley Publishing.  Couzens-Lake is the world’s utmost expert on Norwich City, having written seven books about the club.  His work is also regularly featured in the club’s official matchday programme.  Simply put, you won’t find a better person to write this one.

The text speaks of a bright time in the club’s history and the fun begins with a foreword by Jon Polston, a footballer that starred for the Canaries in addition to spending with Tottenham and Reading.  He was there for the good times, where Norwich City finished third in the inaugural season of the Premier League in 1992-93.  He was also there as captain in the club’s first-ever European tie, a 3-0 win over Vitesse Arnhem in the UEFA Cup in 1993.

Polston starts it off right and Couzens-Lake takes readers through a spectacular decade of football.  The author’s expertise, love of club, and passion for the beautiful game shines brightly throughout.

It’s a charming read of 200+ pages and it is a must-read for anyone that loves English football and obviously, the Norwich City Football Club.  You can expect high quality journalism and storytelling in every Amberley title and this one doesn’t disappoint.

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