PES League World Tour Q&A with Mojtaba Khavari

By March 30, 2018eSports

Photo Courtesy of Konami

Konami’s PES League World Tour is one of the most prestigious events in all of eSports.  We were able to speak with an American gamer who played a prominent role in the event.

Mojtaba Khavari, also known as Mojtaba_USA and team leader of All Stars, is from Moorhead, Minnesota.

How did you get into eSports? When did you begin playing PES? Well, first of all I’m a big fan of soccer so I’m just following my heart and wherever soccer goes, I’ll follow it. I’ve been playing or watching soccer since I remember. I’ve started playing soccer on the oldest console where soccer games were only 22 movable dots and one circle. I have played all versions of the PES from the beginning, but I started playing PES online since 2012.

 What’s it like to be part of the PES League World Tour? Meeting and competing all the good players in person.

What are your expectations for the event in Buenos Aires? We were expecting to qualify for the America’s Round and prove that players from the United States can compete with all of the good South American players, however, we just got short in our last step.

Do you have a favorite team that you follow? What about a favorite player?  I remember those dark days where we were getting so excited when Barca could finish as the fourth place and qualify for the UEFA Cup. I’m so glad that I picked the right team to support and my patience worked out. I liked Rivaldo a lot, now of course Messi is my favorite player.

What do you enjoy most about competitive gaming? PES?I like the challenges. PES is a game that is full of challenges and it never gets boring. You can definitely gain your skills and confidence  when you play in the competitive games. I would rate PES as a very competitive game.

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